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Xerox Printers

Need Xerox printers? You have a lot of selection. Whether you need a Xerox printer for your office or print production centre, there’s a model to suit your needs and meet your demands.

  • The Xerox line of office printers includes dedicated printers and multifunction printers
  • The Xerox production printing solutions features a full range of configurations and features to keep your print shop or department up-to-date
    • Digital Presses
    • Production printers
    • Continuous feed printers
    • Wide format printers

You choose Xerox printers because you want the best and you are aware of the Xerox reputation for quality and durability, which they have enjoyed since introducing the first commercially available laser printer in 1977.

Xerox-PrintersA new Xerox printer is always a welcome sight in offices and production centres or anywhere else. Now there is a way to have get that Xerox quality while saving on price.

CanAm Imaging maintains an extensive inventory of fully-reconditioned and certified Xerox printers. When you choose a Xerox printer from Can Am, you get more than a quality printer:

  • 100% Xerox parts - Keep your printers running smoothly
  • Full Service Maintenance Agreements – Protecting your investment
  • Competitive pricing – Protecting your bottom line
  • Professional advice – Make informed decisions

Xerox recognized the demand for used Xerox printers and developed the Xerox Service Value Reseller program to create benchmarks of quality for reconditioned Xerox printers.

Your courteous and professional Can Am representative will be pleased to discuss your requirements for Xerox printers. Contact Can Am today and make sure your company gets Xerox printer quality while staying within your budget.