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Designed to be digital from the ground up, Document Centre 490 offers outstanding performance and reliability to large workgroups and production environments. At 90 prints/copies per minute, with a robust 7,150-sheet paper supply and a 500,000 monthly duty cycle, the Xerox Document Centre 490 will take your productivity to the next level.

Give your people the freedom to achieve with a system to match their capabilities.
From a digital copier to a fully configured multifunction system,Document Centre 490 uses intelligence to deliver unmatched productivity in its class, saves time and money, and frees your people to create more value for your company.

Document Centre 490 integrates paper and digital documents effortlessly,so you can share them quickly and easily around your office or aroundthe world. Multifunctional and multitasking, Document Centre gets more work done because it can do more than one thing at a time, producing job after job with virtually no time in between. It's easy to install and maintain in your network environment. And you can consolidate single function assets to save on supplies and maintenance costs.

Simple in design, the Document Centre 490 is an extremely reliable digital copier that is just as easy to maintain. When you need routine maintenance to replace consumable parts, Xerox makes it easy. Our Customer Replaceable Units (CRUs) provide snap-in convenience so you're up and running in seconds -- no service call required

Document Centre grows with you and saves money, too. An uncompromising design and ongoing enhancements deliver superior services: print, scan, e-mail, copy, fax. Its modular and upgradeable design means you can tailor a system to meet your current requirements, while laying the foundation for your future.

  • Logical, easy-to-use touch-screen user interface. 
  • While it is printing one job, you can program and scan ahead multiple additional jobs without waiting for the initial job to complete -- providing significant increases in productivity with less time spent at the copier. 
  • Scan once, print many saves wear on originals and produces multiple copies at rated speeds. 
  • Create signature booklets automatically. 
  • Build Job feature enables special programming for different pages in one document -- can be used for inserts, mixing input from the document glass and the document handler. 
  • Copy pre-collation memory holds more than 6,000 pages of Letter/8.5 x 11"/216 x 279mm standard business text at 5 area coverage (varies with image complexity). 
  • An optional network upgrade capability lets you upgrade your Document Centre 490 Digital Copier to a fully networked multi-functional system. Once you're on the network, your Document Centre can print while it copies and copy while it prints. And, you can add Network Scanning, Direct E-Mail and even integrate your networked Document Centre with Network Fax Servers. It's a future that's built into every Xerox Document Centre.