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Xerox Document Centre 

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Xerox Document Centre 470

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At 65 pages per minute, the Xerox Document Centre 470 DC is designed for document-intensive environments. Its automatic image quality and full-width array scanning technology produce clear and consistently sharp high-resolution prints every time.

A large user-friendly touch screen plus an integrated control panel make the most complex copy tasks easier than ever. A range of digitally-enabled features is at your fingertips including the ability to scan-ahead multiple jobs while the machine is printing other jobs, store job parameters for later reuse, run a proof set, and create multi-up documents or booklets. Simply load your originals, program your job using the touch screen, and hit start. It's easy and it's fast. 


  • True multi-tasking - scan ahead multiple copy jobs while the machine is printing other copy jobs. 
  • Digital imaging using the Xerox-patented AutoIQ optimizes the capture of mixed text, graphics and photos and produces clear and sharp copies every time. 
  • Powerful Build Job capabilities - combine multiple, individually programmed job segments, mix multiple input sources in the same job, and proof, review and/or delete individual segments of a job so you can proof your work along the way. 
  • Time saving queue management - job status is never in doubt. 
  • Intuitive user interfaces at the device and the desktop are common to all Document Centre systems. This makes them easy to use and cuts training time. 
  • On Demand Image Overwrite Security option ensures confidentiality of document information.