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Xerox Document Centre 480

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Document Centre 480ST is a high-powered hub for information travel ---printing, copying, scanning and faxing when you need it, where you need it - including online. It enables you to move your documents effortlessly and seamlessly between the paper and digital worlds. At 75 pages per minute it meets the needs of the busiest departments and workgroups. Plus, with it's advanced digital architecture you get all the reliability, flexibility and simplicity you require.

Document Centre 480ST is designed from the ground up to be a document server for your network. It's integrated digital technology provides the highest level of functional concurrency in the industry. It can copy and print at the same time, or scan a fax and print concurrently. It supports up to 4 network protocols simultaneously and can auto sense/switch between Adobe PostScipt 3, PCL6, TIFF and PDF. Plus, it connects to virtually any network environment including Windows NT/2000, Novell and Unix and it includes Windows, Macintosh and Unix print drivers so everyone in your office can collaborate, share and distribute information quickly and easily. It makes job and device status available to users at the device and at their desktops. It also features an embedded web-server and its own URL... anywhere in the world, if you can get onto the Web, you have full access to the capabilities of the Document Centre 480ST.

  • Scanning directly to network repositories, e-mail, workflow applications and the web -- without the need for cumbersome external interfaces. Send TIFF, PDF, HTML and other formats virtually anywhere, including automatically to your desktop. 
  • Integration with many work-process solutions developed in association with Xerox partners such as Microsoft, Lotus, Compaq, FlowPort and DocuShare. 
  • Customer Replaceable Units for routine maintenance and remote diagnostics via Xerox Sixth Sense technology means fewer and shorter service calls, and more uptime 
  • Compliance with industry-leading network management systems including Computer Associates Unicenter TNG, IBM Tivoli, HP OpenView NNM, Microsoft Management Console and SNMP compliant applications 
  • High RIP for fast processing of today's more complex documents 
  • Two 9.1 GB hard disk drives with ample capacity to spool network print, scan and copy jobs without straining your network or your patience