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Customized solutions to suit your financial needs

At CanAm Imaging, we’re committed to delivering the reconditioned system you need with a financing package you can really afford. That’s the value formula that makes us the #1 choice for our satisfied clients.

Over the years, our principals have built solid relationships with multiple leasing companies. Allow us to help you tailor a custom lease (and buy you out of a lease, if necessary) that benefits your organization.

From long- and short-term rentals to rent-to-own and CPC programs, we offer affordable solutions to your equipment needs.

Thanks to our long-standing, strategic partnerships with manufacturers, leasing companies and dealers, as well as our rock-solid financial strength, we are able to provide the most competitive trade-in programs in the industry.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and at CanAm Imaging we have the will to see you succeed. If you’re looking for a solution that meets both your equipment and financial requirements, contact CanAm Imaging today. We look forward to serving you.