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CanAm Imaging’s 430-Step Process



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When you purchase a fully reconditioned Xerox DocuTech® or DocuPrint® product from CanAm Imaging, you are guaranteed the highest quality thanks to our 430-step reconditioning process. Eliminating the potential risk that comes with purchasing pre-owned equipment that hasn’t been reconditioned to Xerox standards, this process addresses all functional aspects of your equipment and uses only 100% genuine Xerox parts.

Highlights of our 430-step process include the following 10 steps:

  1. Remove all covers and repaint to Xerox specifications
  2. Remove and rebuild the fuser assembly, developer housings and all paper handling transports
  3. Pressure-clean the chassis, electrical harnesses and remaining attached assemblies and parts
  4. Inspect all parts, harnesses and electrical connectors for excessive wear and/or damage
  5. Replace or repair all excessively worn or damaged parts
  6. Replace high frequency service items
  7. Configure each system to customer order and adjust to Xerox specifications
  8. Stress-test each system by running a minimum of 25,000 error- and/or interruption-free prints
  9. Ensure that each item undergoes final inspection and receives quality approval sign-off by our lead technician
  10. Pack the system and ship it according to best commercial practices

All CanAm Imaging DocuColor®, DocuTech® and DocuPrint® products qualify for the Xerox Full Service Maintenance Agreement (FSMA). The FSMA offers coverage for all repair and maintenance costs, support beyond contract hours, world-class customer care processes and more.

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