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Xerox DocuPrint 4890

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Add color to your laser print options with the Xerox DocuPrint 4890. Get virtually limitless color options with halftone, shade and tint abilities. Single pass 92 ppm performance maximizes speed and productivity. The Xerox DocuPrint 4890 is a production class laser printer capable of generating quality color output at costs similar to black & white.

Increase bottom-line profits by adding color to existing documents. If you've got a budget for black-and-white printing, but you need color, the 4890 HighLight Color Laser Printing System offers highlight color-shades of one color plus black-with unique one-pass technology. Capable of duplex printing on paper of varying sizes, weights and colors, it brings high-value benefits of color printing at costs comparable to black-only printing.

This production-class laser printer is compatible with host computers, workstations and PCs. It's available to process a variety of datastreams: The IPDS Printer Series (IPS) which prints IPDS data steams; compatible with IBM's AFP- Advanced Function Printing/Presentation architecture, Laser Printer Series (LPS) which prints LCDS- Line Conditioned Data Stream & Metacode, and Network Printer Series (NPS) that will process PostScript and PCL data.

Product Highlights:
  • Single-pass highlight color ensures perfect color-to-black registration.
  • Ten colors plus black in addition to multiple halftones, tints, and shades.
  • Connectivity to mainframe, network and various other host environments. 92-ppm one-pass color printing; no slowdown for color.
  • Ideal for production print volumes of 500K - 1M Support business objectives with documents that communicate better.
  • Drive better business results by attracting higher attention and willingness to act.
  • Conditional processing with highlight color for more effective documents.
  • Speed and performance for demanding production printing.
  • Ability to print an additional color in fills, text, lines, and logos with perfect registration.